Jesus Here, Jesus There, Jesus, Jesus Everywhere

Those who read this blog in its early days know of my love for all things pareidolia. If you don’t know what pareidolia is, that last link (this one) covers the definition. I have also written an classroom ‘module’ for the JREF on the topic. It can be downloaded for free here (the pdf is quite large; the site is here:

I have a fairly extensive collection of images (under “Fun For Everyone” on the right), but I have not updated it in a while, so I thought it would be fun to see what people have been seeing. I was not disappointed.

Yesterday, reports of a man seeing Jesus in his chicken made the rounds. According to WNEP, Ernesto Hernandez was sitting down to dinner with his wife at their home in the Poconos (that’s in Pennsylvania) when he saw this:

Screenshot of WNEP broadcast regarding Ernesto Hernandez's chicken

Screenshot of WNEP broadcast regarding Ernesto Hernandez’s chicken

But that’s not the only recent sighting of Jesus. A few days ago there was a sighting in his mother’s arms in a tree trunk in Iowa:

Screenshot of broadcast by KCCI

Screenshot of broadcast by KCCI

Jesus SmokeThen there’s last month’s appearance in the smoke of a house fire. Well, it’s in a video capture of the smoke and the face appears just as someone in the video says “There’s someone still in the building!” while a guy carries a man out. A neighbor in an NBC News video says, “You see Jesus in the smoke and the person gets saved? That right there is not a coincidence.” Well, yeah, it is, especially when both the “see Jesus in the smoke” part and the “person gets saved” part are questionable. I actually liked what a priest in the video had to say.

But for me, the true face of God, the true image of God, was the man carrying his neighbor out on his shoulders.

For me, that’s simply a demonstration of what humans are capable of. It’s beautiful, but I don’t need God to explain it and I don’t understand why anyone would want to give God that glory when a human being deserves the praise.

And back in August, Jesus towered over HuffPo blogger Fiona Finn (btw, I have to say that I have a seriously difficult time taking seriously someone who describes herself in a byline as “keynote speaker”) in Cape Coral, Florida in cloud form:

via link to Huffington Post

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