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A Geeky Experiment

I am very interested in learning something and I need your help to do it. So, if you could, take a look at the picture below without reading any of the comments, then post a comment of your own describing what you see that is beyond the obvious.

In other words, does this look like anything other than what it

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BS for George Takei Fans and Consumers

Confession: I adore George Takei. This post isn’t about George Takei. It’s about a gig of his.

George Takei is the newest spokesperson for Sharp, selling a product called “Quattron Quad Pixel Technology”. The product claims that the addition of a yellow filter enables the television to display “never-before-seen colors”.

Absurd. There are no “never-before-seen colors” because color, by

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Naughty Elmo Revisited

Oirignally Posted February 4, 2009

I just caught a report on our local Fox News station about a couple that appeared on “Good Morning New York”, complaining about Elmo’s potty mouth: