Jesus Update: He Shops at Ikea. and Walmart.

Today the Huff Post Weird News section reports that a man in Glasgow, Scotland has seen the face of God (the savior, to be precise) in a bathroom door. Of an Ikea. My last report on sightings of Our Lord and Savior was about 7 months ago, so I thought it was time for an […]

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Jesus Here, Jesus There, Jesus, Jesus Everywhere

Those who read this blog in its early days know of my love for all things pareidolia. If you don’t know what pareidolia is, that last link (this one) covers the definition. I have also written an classroom ‘module’ for the JREF on the topic. It can be downloaded for free here (the pdf is […]

Priming and Pareilolia

SPOILER!! Read this post first, please. SPOILER STARTS HERE Here’s the story… I caught this tweet this morning: @BadAstronomer: Beam me up some breakfast. Warp factor three egg omelette. I will pretty much click on anything that starts with “beam me up”, so I did and, as you know, I saw this: Well, I […]

Naughty Elmo Revisited