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Reaching Out and Geeking Out


Dragon*Con is now just over three weeks away and the schedule is as solid as these things get, so I’m giving you the highlights as promised. I will be one BUSY Skeptic! [Edit: By the way, Dragon*Con will take place over Labor Day weekend, September 3rd through 6th.] For those who have not heard of it, Dragon*Con an enormous SciFi/Fantasy convention held in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. Skeptrack, the skeptic fan track, is the brainchild of Derek Colonduno and Robynn McCarthy (A.K.A., “Swoopy”), hosts of Skepticality. As usual, they work their butts off and many skepticism activists do their best to make that work count by participating in talks and panels designed to spread the critical thinking bug to geeks everywhere. Dragon*Con is very different from […]

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Costume Envy

I am sure you’ve heard it before. You say that you do not have time for something important or self-indulgent and someone says, “You have to make time for it.” There is certainly some truth to that. I do not have time to do even a small fraction of what I would like to do, but I have found solutions to some of my time problems. One small thing I do to ensure that I get in at least a few of my favorite podcasts: I listen to one of them live. I usually subscribe to podcasts through iTunes and try to catch up on long drives, but a few months ago I discovered that Skeptically Speaking‘s chat room is quite a fun place to be while […]