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A Geeky Experiment

I am very interested in learning something and I need your help to do it. So, if you could, take a look at the picture below without reading any of the comments, then post a comment of your own describing what you see that is beyond the obvious.

In other words, does this look like anything other than what it clearly is? If so, what?

By the way, if you have seen this image before (it was tweeted this morning), please say so.

Then, move on to the previous post to find out what I “saw” and what I hope to learn.

Scroll down for comments!

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  1. TonyaK says:

    I got nothin’! I stared and stared. Boring, I am!

  2. PJZen says:

    I saw Phil’s tweet this morning. But, I am a geek too so I see the enterprise.

  3. zen66 says:

    First impression at quick glance : pressure cooker
    Second impression upon staring at it to figure out if there is a gag/trick : USS Enterprise {Super Hero Squad version – I have kids}

  4. Leo says:

    USS Enterprise. I saw it right away and I didn’t see Phil’s tweet.

  5. Arouet says:

    I also saw the enterprise right away, and actually was trying to look if there was anything else you were getting at.