Truly Amazing Faces

Indian with an iPod is actually hills in Canada. The earbud is a gas well and the cord is the road leading up to it. Can be found on Google Maps or Google Earth at 50°0′38.20″N 110°6′48.32″W.
A gas well from above at 50°0'38.20"N 110°6'48.32"W

An icicle hanging from the eave of a home in Seattle owned by Jeremy Olden in December, 2008. Old Man Winter, perhaps?
oldmanwinter3 oldmanwinter1

So many have called this very spooky photo “the most amazing case of pareidolia” they’ve seen that I had to include it in the amazing category.

Jessica Lungren of Sweden posted this photo along with this note on
“I got this photo from my grandma, and it must be from the early 1900s. Just take a look at it! There’s a mum and a dad with their child on his knee. The child died short after the photo was taken. You can see a face in profile and an angel’s face in the hair of Jesus. It’s really a fantastic photo, isn’t it? Have you seen a similar photo?”

ghostpic Finally, one of my favorite “ghost” shots. It was taken by a teenager in England using his cell phone.

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