What I Find Offensive…

Posted March 31, 2009

I put a lot of energy into tempering what I say about religion to offend faithful friends and family — people that I love — as little as possible. I put even more energy into ensuring that I do not offend students. It is difficult to teach science if you start by criticizing beliefs. I have always emphasized that there are many, many believers in the world who are able to reconcile those beliefs with the truths that science has discovered (e.g., evolution). I advocate finding a way to do that. I do not proselytize atheism.

I do not attack belief; I attack disbelief – disbelief in what is known about the world. Denial of reality.

However, there are some who simply hate science, hate scientists, hate non-believers, and refuse to accept reality.

Those people are probably not reachable and I cannot imagine that I would find any of them in my classroom. This video is for them, and it is a GREAT laugh. Yes, I am laughing at you, and this is why: the statements made in this video were not written to make fun of anyone. They are serious statements made by ignorant posters in forums.

One final note: Some of the comments made here are more direct versions of things I have heard from friends and students regarding God and morality. I am deeply offended by the assertion that without God, there is no morality. You are essentially saying that I am immoral. How can I not be offended by that?

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Rubberkid on May 22nd, 2009 at 01:05

“If our bodies were full of that acid, we’d all dissolve”

This is funny.

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