Something Stupid I Heard Today – 3/6/9

Posted March 6, 2009

In the grocery store, a middle-aged man and his companion were talking to an elderly woman. What I could not help hearing:

“…and it said that you shouldn’t eat sugar because sugar feeds cancer cells. It said that you should eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid red meat. You should eat fish. Lots of fish.”

It amazes me how certain people are of the truth when they read it in some snake-oil-salesman’s book or magazine article or blog.

Sugar feeds all cells! If you do not eat sugar (any kind, which is really hard to do and still eat) at all, the cancer cells will die, but not before you die. If you reduce your sugar beyond what is part of a balanced diet, you’ll deprive all of your cells of sugar, but not the cancer cells because they will eat first.

Nobody should eat poorly; we should all eat lots of fruits and vegetables and pay attention to how much (and what kinds of) sugar we eat.

BTW, fruits are FULL of sugar.

We should all pay attention the amount of meat and what kinds of meat we eat. Isn’t this good advice for everyone? Didn’t they teach us the food pyramid in grade school?

But fish? Well, eating too much fish can be a serious problem. Many of the most popular fish contain toxins (like mercury) in high enough levels to accumulate when we consume to much in a short period of time. You may hear that this only applies to salt water fish, but that is very much a myth. Heavy metals are not the only contaminants.

We should never consume too much of one thing. They call it a “balanced diet” for a reason.

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