Skeptic’s Circle #106

The new edition of Skeptic’s Circle is now available at Disillusioned Worlds. Some great reads are included (along with Naughty Elmo).

My favorites:

  • Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes tells one of the silliest of urban legends in one of the funniest ways I’ve heard yet.
  • The Skepbitch reveals a shocking, but not surprising attempt to place the blame for Australia’s recent wildfire disaster on abortion rights laws. Apparently, all disasters, natural or man-made (e.g., the World Trade Center attacks) are punishments from God for allowing what some believe are immoral acts to occur in our society.
  • TechSkeptic discusses the pathetic new practice of putting real medications in products that claim to be “natural” (translation: unproven/alternative/complimentary).

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