Oprah is a Moron

Posted May 15, 2009

I am very, very late to this game and several bloggers have discussed the topic extremely well, so I’ll just link to some excellent posts say this:

Oprah has signed some death warrants.

She is known for doing many great things for people, but the woo is getting thicker and she recently made a monumentally harmful mistake: she funded Jenny McCarthy in a multimedia venture. So now Jenny can promote disease and ensure the illness and death of even more kids.

Daniel O’Brien at Cracked.com wrote an extremely well-written, well-reasoned, and funny post which says it all. This is a must-read.

For a comprehensive rebuttal to anti-vaccination claims, I highly recommend the AntiAntiVax home page, where they are “Fighting the Stupid, Saving the World”.

For a history of the vaccine to autism claims, Chris Mooney (now on Discover) has written a great piece addressing the persistence of the controversy.


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