A Note About Politics, Religion, & the Skeptical Blogosphere

Posted March 2, 2009

This is a note to those not yet accustomed to the seamlessness of today’s blogs (I’m not used to it myself, and I’ve been an avid reader of them for years). The sites you will find when you click on a link in my posts will vary from commercial websites to government pages to the blogs of others.
Although I tend to read blogs by people with similar opinions on many matters (the blogs on the left sidebar are a portion of those I read), I do not agree with all of them on everything. Politics in particular seem to vary a great deal among skeptics. A larger portion of the skeptic community is Libertarian than you will find in the general population. However, some well-known skeptics are quite liberal as the term is used today to refer to Democratic leanings.
Religion does not vary much; a majority of skeptics are atheists. However, we do not all agree on the way in which religion in society should be addressed. Some believe it is evil and should be eradicated while others enjoy the diversity of views that makes discussion of the topic interesting. One thing to which most of us (including agnostics and believers) in the skeptic community agree: religion has no place in government or public schools.
I have yet to discuss religion in any detail and my only posts on the topic of politics were unrelated to political issues. I am likely to discuss these at some point – probably when I become angry about something that I feel I have enough knowledge to discuss.
In the meantime, please keep the following in mind:

  • I do not control the content of other sites.
  • I do not agree with everything that is posted on sites to which I link.
  • When I link to other sites, I do my best to link directly to the pages that are relevant to the post.
  • Blogs almost always offer comments and they do so because they want people to comment and discuss the content of their posts.
  • I offer comments for the same reason. I have no plans to moderate comments on my posts, but reserve the right to do so. Rest assured, however, that I will not remove comments simply because I disagree with the content. Instead, I may respond to it (or I may allow it to stand on its own; I do not need to have the last word). Feel free to comment here on the content of sites to which I link, however, those comments might be more effective if you place them on the original site.

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