Barbara A. Drescher

I live in the greater Los Angeles area with my husband, two children, and a few pets.

As a lecturer at California State University, Northridge,  I primarily taught courses in quantitative/experimental research methods and topics in cognitive psychology.

I currently serve as educational programs consultant for the James Randi Educational Foundation.

My Research Interests include:

  • Reasoning and Decision-Making
  • Understanding of Probabilities
  • Objectivity & Tenacity of Beliefs
  • Perception and Visual Attention
  • Entitlement Attitudes
  • Self-Assessment and Metacognition
  • Human Responses to Color

In addition to this blog, I write for Insight at Skeptic.com and co-host (part time) a video podcast called Virtual Skeptics. I have written for Swift, the blog of the James Randi Educational Foundation, provided analysis and opinion for The Odds Must Be Crazy (a collection of fun stories about coincidences and a featured segment on the popular podcast Skepticality), and contribute to other projects and products here and there.

For the Record

I hope my posts over the years will include some discussions of religion and politics, but these are not my primary interests. To keep from repeating myself and to allow readers to find quick answers to the questions they may have about my perspectives, I have summarized my political and religious views (as they stand today) on other pages. As always, I reserve the right to change these views and you will find me open to criticism of them. Do not call me a hypocrite if I flip, but if I defy my views without changing them, call me on it!

A few presentations of interesting research that I have either conducted or mentored:

Academic Entitlement Plus Teaching To The Test: Recipe For Ignorance presented at the Western Psychological Association annual convention 2010

The Complex Path From Color to Emotion presented at the Association for Psychological Sciences annual convention 2008

The Taste of Color presented at the Western Psychological Association annual convention 2008

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