Something Stupid I Read Today

It’s springtime and I have found more than a few creepy crawlies in places where they should not be. For the third time in a week I found one of those teeny tiny red spiders crawling on my computer.

Well, my son wanted to know if it was indeed a spider. I didn’t think so, but the internet was right in front of me, so I Googled “tiny red spider”.

I don’t normally get my information from Yahoo! Answers and clicking on it today reminded me why. The link was to the question:

What’s with these teny-tiny red spiders?

blah, blah, blah.

The first few answers were pretty accurate (they are mites, by the way, who probably latched onto our clothing as they eat plants). Now, I have heard the myth that they are red because they suck blood (like lice), but I had not heard this one before:

in the UK they are called Money Spiders and they mean you are going to come into money. So keep an eye out!

Money? Because you see a spider?

What baffles me about superstitions like this is the complete and total lack of connection. I mean, they aren’t even green. Maybe because they live on green leaves?


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4 comments to Something Stupid I Read Today

  • Seantheblogonaut

    My first suggestion was that it was a red/copper colour the same as some coins. In my “research” there sees to be no definiative answer. Some suggest that its something to do with catching prey and attracting money others that if they are seen to be running over you they ave come to spin you new clothes hence you will be coming into money.

  • podblack

    :) I’ve responded on my blog – you have stumbled across a UK / Australian superstition! 😀

  • Seantheblogonaut

    No we exported Ken Ham to you guys. No wackiness here, move along nothing to see :)