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I’m a Skeptic. And I’m Damn Proud.

This week I’ve read a few too many comments disparaging Skeptics as uncaring, victim-blamers by people who seem to think that they have the moral high ground (they don’t). As these tribal conflicts often do, it left me even more proud to identify primarily as a Skeptic and I felt the urge to express that pride. So I did what geeks usually do in that situation.

I made a T-Shirt. And a coffee mug. And a few other things. Proud

This time I used Zazzle instead of spending hours at home making these things. I also realized that I’m not alone with these feelings, so I added them to a Zazzle store to let others order similar pieces.

I also added the design that I wore at Dragon*Con the last two years–a design that many people expressed an interest in wearing themselves.

Similar to the geeky T-shirt I wore to Dragon*Con. It means the intersection of Freethought and Groupthink is an empty set.

Similar to the geeky T-shirt I wore to Dragon*Con. It means the intersection of Freethought and Groupthink is an empty set.

I do make a 5% commission on these pieces (the default), so I might be able to pay for a month’s hosting fees if a dozen people order something, but this is clearly not a way to cash in on Skeptic pride. It is, however, a way for all of us to show solidarity and strength without ruffling anyone else’s feathers.

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  1. Funkmon says:

    You know, as much as I like the shirts, particularly the freethought one (very clever), I just can’t afford to be associated with these kinds of things right now.

    Once, I went to a university’s atheist group to start a skeptic group because I thought it had a lot of overlap, and I could recruit some people.
    I got responses such as this:

    “Skeptics? All I know is they don’t believe in global warming.”
    “I hear there are a lot of conservatives there.”

    And now, I get
    “Oh, so you’re a woman hating gay?” I actually got that. Really.

    Considering I want to be a teacher full time soon, I try to distance myself from these things. My teacher friends say that it’s tough to be a conservative global warming denying misogynist and get a job, regardless of the fact that I’m pretty sure I’m none of these. The name just connotes this stuff, and it’s upsetting.

    I don’t know how to be a good and proud skeptic anymore because of how so many people are throwing it in the dirt lately. :(

    1. I feel your pain, Funkmon, and completely understand.